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Site Management

Protecting your condominium or homeowners association assets is one of your board's most important responsibilities. Site management services turn your board's decisions into reality - completed maintenance, repair, and enhancement projects that fit your expectations.

Without the support of an experienced property manager, many association boards experience frustration because finished projects don't meet their expectations. Our property managers have the experience, knowledge, and training to help boards avoid this. It begins with the property manager helping the board to clearly define what they want. Then, from the bidding process through completion, the property manager communicates with vendor(s) and may make site visits to ensure the work being done follows the scope the board laid out.

These are a few examples of the site management services we will provide to complete your condo and HOA’s small and large projects.

Learn about our other services, get a management proposal or contact us today to discover how to increase the effectiveness of your HOA or condo association board.

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