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About Us

Our Mission: exceed our clients' expectations and lead the industry in quality and character of service.

Condominium Management has more than 85 properties under contract ranging in size from 14-units to 230-units. To address the varied needs of our association boards, we customize our services and ensure that each association's property manager has ample capacity to meet all the needs of that association.  Central to our success is a philosophy of accountability and direct access – we have never developed extraneous levels of management between the people responsible and the success of a project.

Condominium Management, a division of United Marketing Inc., was founded in 1972 to manage multi-family properties in the Western United States.

Our Promises to You

Tailored to Your Community

We offer customized and scalable management services – from bookkeeping to maintenance and everything in between – which we tailor to the specific needs of your community. We have a history of excellent service to HOAs throughout greater Puget Sound.

Responsive and Proactive

We develop, execute, and continually evaluate a customized solution for your association that includes long term planning as well as responding to your immediate needs. To make sure we're there when you need us, we ensure your property manager has ample capacity to serve your association. The success of an association is measured day-to-day as well as over time – we plan and deliver on both.

Accurate and Actionable

Our property managers are trained and committed to continuing education so that they can act as expert advisors to your association board of directors. From annual budget planning to daily maintenance issues, from best practices to good community relations – we will provide accurate information and the experience to use it well.

Professional and Personable

The decision to partner with a management company is ultimately personal, impacting the community where you live and the quality of your real estate investment. Every one of our property managers is an accredited professional – and a person you will enjoy working with!

Contact us today for more information and to discover whether our management services are the right fit for your homeowners or condominium association.

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