[ Goals and Objectives ]

We propose to develop and maintain a “Team” comprised of the Board of Directors, standing committees, and the Management Company to develop and execute a management plan that meets the goals and objectives of the Association. The Association is the governing entity operating within the parameters of the CC&R’s, Bylaw’s, and House Rules.

[ A “Team” concept provides ]

  • Long term stability - maintaining a good long term relationship.
  • Focused business - focused on solving important business problems in a timely manor.
  • Value driven - high levels of service, trust, and support.
  • Interdependency - we take on the characteristics of the team, rather than two separate, distinct organizations. Supporting each other in the accomplishment of goals.

[ Company Objectives ]

  • We will carry out the requirements as set forth in the Condominium CC&R’s, bylaws, and house rules.
  • We will listen, advise, and perform our duties.
  • We assist in the long term financial stability through financial planning.
  • We will provide timely, accurate financial information.
  • We will be pro-active.
  • We will educate ourselves and the Board on the Association’s documents (Declaration and Bylaws), house rules, and state laws.
  • We will keep current on industry trends.




[ What makes us different ]

We believe we are a unique company in that we recognize our success is directly related to our employee’s success and longevity. We establish and maintain employee’s success by:

  • Limiting the number of properties in a manager’s portfolio;
  • Limiting monthly board meetings a manager attends to 6 a month;
  • Provide administrative support, training, and education for the property manager.

We recognize a successful Association accomplishes the following:

  • Adopts a financial plan by having an adequate operating budget and reserve study/plan-this is the Board’s primary duty;
  • Adopts reasonable house rules;
  • Maintains a maintenance plan;
  • Adopts and implements policies and procedures;
  • Effectively communicates with the owners.
  • Hires a strong management company to help achieve items 1-5.


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