Developer and Transition Services




The goal to for any developer or builder is to have a successful development, from the planning stages to the transition meeting. Condominium Management can play a key role in advising and assisting the Declarant by offering the following services:


·        Draft an operating budget review with Declarant, and print final draft.

·        Solicit and engage with a reserve study provider. Meet with the provider on-site and provide them with the necessary information and documents to complete the study.

·        Review the governing documents and meet with the attorney to discuss changes before final draft.

·        Meet with the sales team once a month to address any concerns or questions. Be available to address questions between meetings.

·        Assist in developing a basic set of house rules.

·        Solicit bids and hire vendors for common area operating maintenance.

·        Work with the escrow company to assure the correct amount of money is collected at closing.

·        Deposit and record all escrow checks.

·        Answer homeowner’s questions

·        Provide bookkeeping services as each phase is transitioned.

·        Attend the transition meeting and support the new board of directors.


Let us help you have a successful development. Give us a call for a proposal.



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