Consulting Services


Consulting Services are offered to Self Managed Associations.
We understand the demand that being a member of the Board of Directors can place on individuals.
We can assist self managed Associations with completing time consuming tasks such as: 
  • Staying current with the most recent changes in State Statutes. We can assist you in revamping operating procedures to ensure your Association is in compliance with State Laws. 
  • Writing specifications and issuing bid packages for maintenance and capital projects 
  • Bidding and securing competitive, fair market premiums for insurance policies 
  • Conflict/mediation resolution advice 
  • Strata Plan set up (initial stage) 
  • By-law and re-allocation of unit entitlements 
  • GST, BAS and Tax Return advice and assistance 
  • Assistance to the Owners Corporation with regards to budgets and General Meeting preparation 
  • Guidance in Legal Matters
  • Establishing policies for maintenance, rules enforcement, and collections
  • Developing a sound operating budget, hiring a third party vendor to develop a reserve study, and helping the board navigate and interpret the reserve study



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