Site Management:


·      Perform on-site visits/inspections as required.

·      Organize and establish a liaison for repair work on common areas asdirected by the Board of Directors.

·      Make recommendation of long term maintenance needs.

·      Collect bids for common area maintenance and major maintenance projects.

·      Collect and review all maintenance proposals by outside vendors andmake recommendations to the Board. Major work will require three bids.

·      Collaborate with consultants and engineers hired by the association.

·      Schedule and oversee any on-site maintenance jobs.

·      Recruit, hire, and train all Association personnel as directed by the Board of Directors.

·      Prepare daily, weekly, monthly preventative maintenance schedules if requested from the Board.

·      Supervise all on-site personnel.

·      Prepare on-site personnel job descriptions.

·      Maintain common areas in accordance to the standards of the Board of Directors.

·      Negotiate and retain contracts and services, including utilities, building services, auditing, fire equipment, and any other contract services.

·      Assist in processing insurance claims for the Association.


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