Bookkeeping Services:


·      Prepare an annual operating budget in accordance with the Declaration and the Board of Directors 30 days prior to the end of the fiscal year.

·      A liaison for a reserve study in accordance with the Board of Directors for the replacement of the major components of the property/building.

·      Receipt and posting of individual association member dues and special assessments to individual account records.

·      Account ledgers for each homeowner.

·      Prepare and distribute a monthly financial statement (Balance Sheet & Income Statement) and supplemental reports detailing expense variances, money collected, monthly expenses, outstanding dues, and outstanding invoices.

·      Daily tracking of all bank accounts.

·      Monthly reconciliation’s of all bank accounts.

·      Preparation and mailing of notices and letters as directed by the Board of Directors.

·      Delinquency collection.

·      Preparation of any annual financial reports as directed by the Board of Directors.

·      Prepare, maintain, and disburse payroll for any on-site personnel and/or employees.

·      Process invoices and pay invoices.

·      Assist in the annual audit of the Association by providing the records to the auditor.


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